Seven Tubs

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share a quick post about the hike I went on yesterday.  I went to the seven tubs natural recreation area in Wilkes Barre with my boyfriend and some good friends.  The walk was a little iffy in the beginning but I’m also not the best hiker. It got better though and the views were absolutely breathtaking the whole walk. The trail had evidence of where the tornado had hit. It was fascinating to see where the tornado has went through and the damage. I do recommend you bring water, the walk was a little longer than I expected it to be. Overall it was great exercise and a great day spent with friends. Here’s some pictures!


Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I wrote a poem. Sexually Explicit. Obviously ^^^


The cold wind blows through my window.

But I’m hot to the touch.

My nerves on fire, a bunch of electrified wires.

I kick the sheets off, every touch tingling my skin.

I’ve been thinking of you all day.

As I run my hands down my body,

I picture you.

Touching me, kissing me.

Lighting up my soul.

My emotions turning into a puddle,

As my fingers quicken, and my back arches.

Yours is the name I scream as everything shatters.

A bundle of tension finally breaking into oblivion.

My breaths come in quick, shaky waves as I float down from the clouds.

The release was sweet, but my body still yearns for you, as I drift into dreams.



My 3 Top Songs…this month

Hey everyone!

So I have music ADD. I like one thing one day and something completely different the next day but I wanted to share the top 3 songs that I like the most right now.

The first one is Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer.

This is an upbeat song. I like a lot of this group’s other songs but I find this one I can easily sing and jam out along to. It makes me super happy and just upbeat!

The second song that I’m loving is Happy by Blue October.

I’ve loved Blue October for a long time, especially Into the Ocean. This song is a bit different from their old stuff but I love the tone of the song and I really just love listening to it and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet even though I’ve listened to it a billion times…almost.

Last but not least is Heaven by Kane Brown.

So I know a lot of people aren’t into country music a lot but I have been super in love with this song. As someone in a fairly new relationship (a little over a year) I think this is just the super mushy and clingy part of me that listens to this song and applies it to my relationship. Either way, I’ve been loving this song recently.

So, those are my top 3 picks, what’s your favorite songs recently?

Thanks for all the support!

Red Tide

I’m laying in bed

and my eyes are closed.

But all I see is our face.

In my dreams, during the day.

You’re everywhere.

The memories from our past threatening to overcome me.

A red tide of memories and regret crashing over me.

What do I do when you’re all I wanted.

When my heart still calls for you on the lonely nights.

Star crossed lovers forbidden by the heavens.

I can’t even call this love.

Just a chemical attraction like two magnets to each other.

Two unfeeling being pulled to each other without any choice.

My soul is tugged to you by an invisible force.

And I’m killing myself.

Trying to pull away.

Motorcycles and the Devil

Hello everyone! I promise this post isn’t as condemning and horrible as it sounds. I want to start this post off with a story. As I have mentioned in posts before, I work with the public on a daily basis. The other day a man came in to my job. He was very nice and very polite but what I did notice was his biker vest and his shirt which was something about an uphill climb competition. The climb competition’s name is what interested me. It started with either devil or satan or something along those lines. The man’s tattoos as well were demons and satan and symbols usually connected with evil. This got me thinking about the Hell’s Angels and why so many things that have to do with motorcycles seem to have a devil or evil connection. So I decided to look up some history.

First, Hell’s Angels. The Hell’s Angels started in California and the name came from fighter squadrons in World War I and II. So I decided to do some research on these squadrons.

So the squadron’s official name, according to what I found online, was the AVG 3rd pursuit squadron. They came from a deal between the US and china. The deal was kept secret so the US could continue to seem indifferent or neutral to use the author’s words. There were used to protect China’s road to Burma but, a more notable history, they were brought into the Army Air Forces after Pearl Harbor.

There was also a note, on one of the sources, that a couple different motorcycle clubs named the hells angels all popped up around the same time so I’m going to assume that the name is a coincidence.

I would like to wrap this article up with a quick note about one per center motorcycle clubs that I found while doing my research. Apparently a one percenter motorcycle club is a motorcycle club where they are considered outlaws and involved in criminal activity. It is meant to portray that less then 1% of all motorcycle gangs are involved in criminal activity. The term originated as a defense against the notion that all motorcycle gangs are violent and connected to crime.

Thanks for reading! I know this was a bit long but I had a good time writing it and learning new things. Thanks for all the support!







Turning into a Monster


As we knew them Vampires didn’t exist…but, in another form, they were very much real. Thin pale skin, blood red eyes, nails like carving knives on the end of their fingers. They were nothing like the romantic, smiling, sparkling creatures the world had been admiring on the screen and in their books.

Scientists weren’t sure what caused or created them. No one knew if they began that way or something more like us. No one knew whether it was magic or a virus or evolution. How they began however had no effect on how dangerous they were. They had been wiping out the human race, countries at a time. The feudal class system had returned and who had been determined the elite of our society was hidden behind high, impenetrable walls while the rest of us were left to be slaughtered. Every branch of the military was in action. All over they were trying to figure out how to combat these monsters. Of course, everything in fiction was wrong. They attacked during the day, silver had no effect on them, garlic seemed ridiculous. Unfortunately the only thing the tales had gotten right is that they seemed to be immortal. Beheading them did work, but good luck getting close enough to behead one. They had lightning quick reflexes and were deadly.

As aforementioned no one knew how they came to be…but I knew they were like us once. Living and breathing humans. With feelings like love…and remorse. With families. How did I, just a commoner among the new hierarchy system, know all this information? I was turning into one. I first noticed when I had a dull, aching pain in my gums. Like a toothache starting up. The very next day as I was looking in the mirror I noticed it. The tip of a fang poking out.

Now, just two days later. I could see my skin paling, getting thinner. My pupils had gotten red to the point I needed to wear contacts. I had to hide it as long as I could. Long enough to tell the Emperor. You see, I was one of them. I knew how they evolved into their form. However, because I was turning into one, I also knew something vital to the survival of all mankind. To the survival of my loved ones…I knew how to kill them.


Just wanted to write a quick short story. I was thinking about leaving it there but let me know if you want me to continue it into a longer story. Thank you all for the support as well!


Makeup Video!

Hello everyone!

So I am currently still working on the motorcycle post but I did want something to post for you guys so I made a makeup video. I am going to post it here but I want to clarify a few things. First, I am sorry for the horrible lighting. The only light I have in my room is the one casting a horrible glare on my face. Second, I couldn’t make any noise because I do currently live with my parents and they were sleeping. I didn’t want my talking to wake them up. I have plans to get a standing lamp or at least a desk lamp and, hopefully a mic or something where I can talk quietly and still be heard. I did post pictures at the end of the video to show the finished look so I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any questions! Thank you

As always, have a good night!

News and new articles

Hey everyone! How are you? I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been posting new things. I’ve been working a LOT recently and have been too tired when I’m not working to really post anything. However that’s hopefully going to change and that’s kind of what this post is about. I want to turn blogging into a living. I hate my current job because I work with the public and it makes me irritable and annoyed and quite tired as well to be around people all day. I much prefer to have time to myself and just relax. Since it takes money to do something for a living, I have made a Patreon page which I will include the link to if anyone wants to subscribe. Basically in return for subscribing you will receive a monthly newsletter letting you know about upcoming articles and videos (yes I will be trying to transition into video blogging alongside this blog) before anyone else knows about them and little tidbits and details others won’t know about. If you pick the next tier up to subscribe you will also receive a shout out both in this blog and whatever video I post after you subscribe as a thank you! As my blog and video blogging increases and my following gets bigger, there will be better rewards and information for subscribers.

If you can’t help through Patreon that’s absolutely ok! Just having people read my posts and be interested in what I’m doing and talking about is amazing to me! So thank you SO much for your support and for inspiring me to continue writing!

So, since as of yet I don’t have any subscribers, I’m going to let ALL of my wonderful readers know what’s coming up. First is going to be an article about motorcycle gangs and their connection (Real and imagined) to hell and Satan. After that I’m going to try to get back into writing fiction with my short stories and poems and I also want to do a makeup video. So, that’s what’s in the works and I’m so excited for you all to join me in this journey! Thank you again. As always, have a good night!


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