Quick poem to say sorry!!!

Hey guys, I don’t think I’ve posted this one before but I apologize if I did and I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent lately!!

I was happy in my life

Before you crashed into me

And everything tilted on its side

Like when I was a kid

And I knew the lightning was dangerous

But I would dance in the rain anyway

I was thinking everything was good,

Now I’m questioning everything instead.

It’s like when you’re stranded at sea

And you know you shouldn’t,

But you drink the saltwater anyway.

It’s like a tornado outside

Where you should get to safety but you can’t stop staring.

It’s like I’ve abandoned all sense of self preservation.

You’re there and I can’t stop staring.

I should look away but it’s like a car crash.

A beautiful catastrophe right in front of me.

Taking my breath away and making me go insane.

But then it’s all over and reality comes crashing down

And then it’s like finding out the person behind you won the jackpot,

Or like being one inch too short to ride the rollercoaster.

When you’re so close but so far at the same time

And all you can do is watch as the sunset fades from view

Knowing another one will never be quite the same

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